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Data Strategy & Platform Modernization

Data Technologies are rapidly evolving as organizations strive to monetize their data in support of revenue enhancement and cost control. Keeping pace requires modernization of the enterprise’s data platforms. But modernization must be supported by the development of an overall Data Strategy prior to diving into the potentially rewarding, but possibly expensive, of data platform modernization.

iCube360 consultants bring significant expertise to both the planning and execution of these activities, from defining a Data Strategy and Roadmap through realization in the form of Data Warehouse Modernization, including the requisite Data Migration. We utilize a comprehensive set of methodologies, as well as tools, in this process.

Data Strategy

Data Strategies include not only IT components such as data architectures and governance/quality processes, but also the vision for data usage across the organization.  For what business questions will the new platforms facilitate answers? What differing business functions (“roles”) will be required? What reporting/analytics tools will be needed? …

iCube360’s Data Strategy development methodology begins with our Data Maturity Assessment. Along five dimensions, from Governance to BI to Information Management, we collect information regarding 150 different questions to measure an organizations Data Maturity. Using this analysis as our foundation, we then work with Business and Technical users to define a comprehensive, long-term Data Strategy.

Data Migration

Glossy modern data platforms are of little use without their data. In virtually any modernization effort, Data Migration is a key component and often the component, if poorly planned and executed, that causes delay and budget overrun. And, proper planning of data migrations always means involving the Business to address issues such as source Data Quality and UAT, as well as to instil organizational confidence in the project.

iCube360 consultants have led and performed dozens of migrations and have applied our rigorous methodology to each, customized for the individual client.

  • Evaluate and Discover
  • Scope and Plan
  • Execute and Iterate

Platform Modernization

As data volumes have exponentially increased, issues with traditional data warehouses have emerged, including:

  • Costs, including HW and maintenance resources
  • User response times as searches slow
  • Complexity as warehouse sizes grow

These factors are driving organizations to modernize their data platforms.

iiCube360 brings significant expertise to modern cloud-based data platforms, including Snowflake and Actian, as well as to the tools and protocols provided by AWS, Azure, and Google. We also bring to bear internal accelerators to the process to ensure a rapid, accurate, safe modernization process.



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