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Enterprise Data Management

Managing the organization’s most valuable asset, its data, requires the application of solid foundational principles.  Recognition and enforcement of these principles are vital to the enterprise’s success across three ultimate KPIs, Revenue Enhancement, Cost Control, and Regulatory Compliance.

iCube360 consultants bring in-depth experience in Enterprise Data Architecture, Data Governance, and Analytics Strategy & Delivery to your data landscape to maximize its value for the business.

Enterprise Data Architecture

To be useful, data must be accessible across the enterprise. Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Data Lakes, and Data Transport Layers all store, move, and provide consumers access to the organization’s data.

iCube360’s Data Architects provide design and implementation support for these across a wide range of technologies, including Oracle, DB2, Snowflake, Actian, and others.

Data Governance

Ungoverned data can be more of a cost than an asset to an organization in the form of storage costs, maintenance resource, and business uncertainty. A comprehensive program of Data Governance, which includes Data Quality Profiling and Remediation, Metadata Management, and Data Cataloguing, secures the value of data to the enterprise.

iCube360 consultants bring deep foundational knowledge of these areas as well as hands-on expertise with COTS tools to enhance your organization’s data capabilities.

Analytics Strategy & Delivery

While business users are less interested in the how data is structured and governed behind the scenes than in what business insights that data can provide to them, an Analytics Strategy is impacted by those decisions. Successful Analytics depends upon well-governed data as well as the underlying data architecture. A strategy for analytics must consider all these as well as the analytics and visualization tools to be provided to users.

iCube360 consultants have a long history of working with organizations to develop am analytics strategy that is Business-led and IT-supported. We also provide hands-on experience in tools such as ThoughtSpot, Tableau, Qlik Sense, and MicroStrategy.



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