Frequently Asked Questions


Does GDPR affect me?

If you have customers who are EU citizens, you need to be in compliance with GDPR regardless of your corporate location. Let iCube360 guide your compliance efforts!


What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) provides similar data protections as does the EU’s GDPR and applies to all CA residents. Let iCube360 work with you to ensure your compliance!


Are my competitors getting more out of their data than I?

To get maximum insights from your data through Data Science and Analytics your foundations — Data Management and Governance — must be solidly in place. iCube360 can help you get those fundamentals right!

Data Insights

How can I improve the insights that my data can provide?

Your data’s value resides in the business insights it can provide. To maximize this value you need a well-defined Data Strategy. iCube360 will help you build that strategy using industry standards and best practices!


Why isn’t my EDW coping with the speed of my data collection?

It may be that your EDW Architecture is stuck in the 1990s and needs modernization possibly to the Cloud or the hybrid Cloud. iCube360 can support your modernization efforts!


How do I get my data to the Cloud?

Migration of data to the Cloud is similar to on-prem migrations but often needs to handle significantly larger data volumes. iCube360’s Migration Factory can help you get there!


Do I have the in-house skills to lead a large-scale migration to the Cloud?

Data projects differ from traditional software projects in that they require different skills. iCube360 has experienced Data Engagement Manages who can step in to lead your projects!



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