Data are your organization’s most valuable asset. iCube360 supports you in answering data-related issues to improve the insights available in your data. We offer strategy, implementation, and advisory services in:

Enterprise Data Management

Managing your most valuable asset, your data, requires the application of solid foundational principles. iCube360 consultants bring in-depth experience in Enterprise Data Architecture, Data Governance, including Data Quality, and Analytics Strategy & Delivery to your data landscape to maximize its value for your business.

Data Strategy & Platform Modernization

Data Technologies are rapidly evolving as organizations strive to monetize their data in support of revenue enhancement & cost control. Keeping pace requires modernization of your data platforms. iCube360 supports both your planning & execution of these activities, from defining a Data Strategy and Roadmap through execution by Data Warehouse Modernization & Data Migration.

Smart Enablement, IoT & RPA

As data become more ubiquitous, impacting our lives through wearables, remote sensing, & “smart” monitors & controls, a wide range of technological improvements to everyday life become possible. iCube360 leads in this emerging space through provision of expertise in Robotic Process Automation, (RPA), IoT Smart Solutioning, and Smart Data Infrastructure.



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